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CATALYST GROUP – Converting Dreams to Reality


Been There, Done That

In 1999 the Catalyst principals, Cheryl Leone & Dave Favor, merged their individual companies into Catalyst Group, Inc. Combining their 75 years of business experience in service professional practices and company business know-how, Catalyst Group, Inc. has set the standard of excellence for small firms and businesses who want the same change they had and seized.

Today’s new age business and practice area has seen a flood of coaches offering advice and experience on about any subject. Catalyst has a different philosophy. Our companies are all mentoring based companies. There is a big difference between being a coach and being a mentor. We believe Catalyst and its family of companies is more mentoring based. All the people who work with Catalyst are developed mentors with strong experience in their field.

A business or life coach is about focusing on specific issues. We do this and focus on specific needs such as strategic planning, human resource development, redevelopment and other business needs. These are short term projects that are needed from time to time. Most of our clients go from a coaching relationship to a mentoring relationship in the process.

Mentoring is all about developing a strong secure relationship with your client that is one of trust and guidance. The Mentor looks at a full 360 degree viewpoint of the client’s business and life passions, dreams and needs. As the plan unfolds the Mentor transfers the knowledge gained in real life business and living to the Mentoree. While the Mentoree moves forward and increases his or her knowledge and experience, the Mentor is there to provide support and encouragement.

Deciding when you need to involve a Mentor in the design and implementation of your business or your life is a personal one. Our experience has taught us the following is usually happening:

  • There is a sense that there is more out there to happen for you to become personally and professionally satisfied
  • You have strong passions to own a business or change your future but you are stalled
  • You need a strong business person involved with you to help you navigate the pitfalls ofs mall business and practice management
  • You want to develop your business and your people to create a workforce that can help drive your business and has a more balanced approach to work and persona
  • You want to have a stable and rewarding financial company that can provide for your personal goals

We believe as a mentoring company we can provide the safety net people need in life and in business as they move through the path they choose.

We are very proud of our reputation and our success with our clients.  Catalyst has made its reputation because, like you, its people have a passion for what they do.  It is never just about work it is about living the best life possible.

Since 1999 Catalyst has expanded and grown into a thriving company of small businesses that meet the core philosophy of Catalyst.   Each company was an opportunity seen and seized.   We believe there are more companies out there that can come into the circle of businesses that make up the Catalyst Group, Inc.

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Our Corporate Belief System

Catalyst believes in

  • Building and improving on other people’s visions and ideas.
  • Collaborative working with our clients and our vendors who share common values
  • Exceeding clients’ expectations.
  • Constant learning to improve knowledge.
  • Demonstrating strong business ethics.
  • Corporate responsibility to maintain stability and profitability for its shareholders but never at the expense of its clients whom it serves.
  • Giving back to their communities and Catalyst will have a strong outreach program to others.
  • Being an ethical for-profit company but never at the expense of its clients.

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Corporate Board and Trusted Advisors

Catalyst Group, Inc. takes its own advice.  We believe a strong business or practice surrounds itself with a core group of people we call Trusted Advisors.  They are people who share your vision.  They are in for the long-haul.  They have demonstrated through actions they can be trusted to give good sound business and personal advice.   They are with you through thick and thin.   Their enthusiasm makes you want to build a better life, a better practice and a better business.  Most importantly, they are persons of high personal and professional ethics.   Catalyst is very proud of its principals and its group of Trusted Advisors.

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